Bracchi Italiani

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Dual purpose Bracchi Italiani bred with their  future in mind and their history at Heart

"Un cane per me, per voi, non per tutti" - A dog for you, for me, not for everyone.


Although this phrase is better known in the Spinone world it applies equally to the Bracco. Essentially it means that although the Bracco is perfect for me it may not be the dog for you. Think hard before you decide to purchase a Bracco puppy they are a hunting dog not a toy to be kept for amusement. A little harsh you're thinking, possibly, but frequently the reason Bracchi are rehomed is because their new family were not told or did not understand the requirements of a large, intelligent gundog that needs both it's body and brain excercised.


Bonario Puppies

We are a small kennel breeding the occasional litter; our aim is to produce sound puppies of good type and temperament which are suitable for family companions or as working gundogs. Some puppies may also have show potential.

We hope to keep in contact with all our puppies new families and are always here for advice or just a friendly chat.

Please read the article ‘A Bracco Puppy’ and if you would like to enquire further if a Bracco pup is right for you please call or email.



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