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Dual purpose Bracchi Italiani bred with their  future in mind and their history at Heart


Fionn - Bonario Cinnabar

dob 29.5.10 hips 5:2 elbows 0

Int FT Ch Adelchi x Bonario Aude Sapere


Fi is one of life's gentle souls. She lives to hunt, even in the garden she spends her time hunting birds. Friendly with everyone but is usually far too busy to socialise with any dogs she meets, a quick hello, nice to meet you and she is on her way. She loves going out with the bike, running like the wind, but will stop as soon as an interesting scent catches her attention. One of those dogs who is just so easy, a pleasure to live with.

This photo typifies Fi, nose dirty from digging and twitching to catch a scent but so calm and placid. Have a look at Riley's photo, she is her Grandad in female form.

Fi Crop copy