Bracchi Italiani

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Dual purpose Bracchi Italiani bred with their  future in mind and their history at Heart




































The cost of puppy

called Cully

Copy of IMG_3929

The cost


1 Pair of slippers

1 Pair of shoes

1 T-Shirt

1 Wax Hat

2 Pairs of prescription glasses

3 Remotes

1 Phone

1 Complete stair spindle removed and several redesigned spindles.

1 Pine bed end now shorter

1 Blanket box now with rounded not square corners.

1 Makeup bag including contents

Various carpets now bearing frayed edges

2 Paperback books

Numerous soft toys de-stuffed

A garden that resembles a mine field

A patio littered with treasured ‘finds’

Numerous broken pots minus their plants


The payback


Unlimited cuddles

The unerring ability to make me smile

Regular laughter

Regular exercise

A furry hot water bottle that never gets cold

The friends I wouldn’t have without her

The places I wouldn’t go without her

The memories I’ll treasure

Love given without measure